Hulls and Hulks in the Tide of Time: The Life and Work of John A. Noble
A catalogue raisonne by Erin Urban

$75, plus shipping


John A. Noble: The Rowboat Drawings
By Erin Urban

Hardcover $54, Softcover $16, plus shipping


Perspective: Robbins Reef
By Erin Urban

$25, plus shipping

RR Cover.jpg

Caddell Dry Dock: 100 Years Harborside
By Erin Urban

$40, plus shipping


Bon a tirer: The Prints of Herman Zaage
A catalogue raisonne of the late master by Erin Urban

$40, plus shipping


The Terrible Captain Jack Visits the Museum
By Diane Matyas

An AAM award winning museum publication for young pirates.

$10, plus shipping


Sailors' Snug Harbor: A glimpse of life in 1880

This chapbook includes an article about life at the site from Harper’s New Monthly Magazine published in January 1873 and has drawings of the residents and their pastimes.

$5, plus shipping