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John "Wichita Bill" Noble, John A. Noble's father, is the renowned American Romantic painter born in Kansas in 1874, who traveled and studied in Europe at the turn of the last century, settled for several years in Provincetown , Massachusetts, and eventually made his home in New York City, where he died in 1934. The exhibition recreates his studio in Brittany, France in around 1910. It includes a several paintings and unfinished works done at the time, work that has not been exhibited in 100 years or more, and sketches, studies, and photographs Noble used to create his paintings. The museum restored the oil painting, Ile de Batz, expressly for the exhibition. Many of the accoutrements of the studio are original and include Wichita Bill's easel, sculpture stand, desk, and various artifacts, such as his palette and his wife's painted ceramic vases.