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Mari Reiman (1924-1995)
Untitled (Street Scene, Paris)
Oil on canvas, date unknown, 6½” x 9”
Gift of Ada Kadin
Framing by the Noble Maritime Collection

The Dutch painter, Mari Reiman (1924-1995) was born in Amsterdam and occupies an eminent place among his fellow post-World War II artists.  Although he was exposed to destructive post-war influences in Europe, he was able to find peace in the beauty of the Dutch landscape, the charm of canals, and in the picturesque views of his native town.  At the age of 16 Reiman received drawing lessons from Gérard Drost, who recognized his exceptional gift for painting and drawing.  In the post-war years he studied at Copenhagen’s School of Fine Arts and exhibited in the museums of Amsterdam.  Reiman’s works are in private collections and museums in Germany, Great Britain, Australia, South Africa, Canada and Scandinavia.