Robbins Reef Trip Report, Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Robbins Reef Trip Report, Wednesday, September 12, 2018


Crew:  Megan Beck, Eileen Montanez, Erin Urban

Weather:  Heavy fog, 70°s

Access:  We left Miller’s at 9:15 AM on the Miller Boys piloted by Michael Sabatino and came back on the Nicholas with Mike at 12:30 PM. 

Purpose of the trip:  We had to shore up apertures before the coming storm.

Tasks accomplished:  Eileen caulked six windows that were leaking at the top in the Lantern Gallery.  Megan and Erin put sealant around the edges of the three operable port lights which do not have rims and glass yet.  They are in Jacob’s room, Mae’s room, and the stairwell.  They covered the Watch Gallery door with plastic and stuffed rags in plastic bags in the area in the Watch Gallery ceiling which is open and is leaking and then covered it with plastic.  They put plastic at the bottom of the dog door to cut back on damage from leakage up there.  They put the hatch cover back in Watch Gallery so that that aperture is tight. 

Next steps:  We will continue to remove the deteriorating polyurethane from the interior doors.  Weather permitting we will paint the interior ladder from the Watch Gallery to the fourth level.  We will install a solar fan in the Watch Gallery door.  We will continue to address the Lantern Gallery by finishing up the painting of the interior window casements and the exterior casements and walls, and paint the exterior of the roof.  We will build and install a threshold for the dog door because we have done so much work that is being compromised by leakage from there.  We will paint the exterior walls around the Watch Gallery.