John Stobart, R.A.
New York, East River toward Brooklyn Bridge
Pencil on paper, 2007, 4 ½” x 8”
Framing by the artist

John Stobart, R.A. is the master painter whose panoramic compositions recall the history of the maritime industry.  Hailed as “the premier maritime artist of our time” by the New York Times, he is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Art and has an international reputation and his work is in major maritime collections.  He was Noble’s friend and joined the Board of Trustees of the museum in 2001.  He began making limited edition prints from his paintings in 1974 and has donated one to our auction for the past 20 years.  Working with skilled printers, he supervised each edition, many of which are sold out because he has stopped that practice to concentrate solely on painting.  His exquisite pencil drawing, Kate Meets the Morning, is featured in Robbins Reef Lighthouse: A Home in the Harbor.