Glen DiCrocco
Untitled (No. 9767 from the series Sky Lines)

Photograph printed on Ilford Gold Fibre Silk paper, 2019, 16” x 10 ¾”

Glen DiCrocco is a documentary photographer whose work includes environmental portraits and abstract landscapes.  In 2018 DiCrocco was selected by the MTA’s division of Arts & Design for an installation of seven large lightbox photos at the Bowling Green subway station in Lower Manhattan. The images are culled from his largest body of North Shore work centered around the Staten Island Ferry and its terminals.  The photograph in this year’s auction is from a new nighttime series called Sky Lines in which DiCrocco aims to abstract or reduce familiar sightlines and landmarks along the New York Harbor into a representation of lines and patterns. The specific time of day, weather conditions, long exposures, and hand techniques all factor into creating each image.  Only minor adjustments are applied in post-production.  Each image is likened to a silent score awaiting musical notation. glendicrocco.com