Lecture Series, Week 7 * Staten Island Calamities

Week 7 of The History of Staten Island – Part 2, a seven-session lecture series with Patricia M. Salmon at the Noble Maritime Collection.* 

Staten Island Calamities looks at the Vanderbilt Landing bridge collapse in 1852; the sinking of the Mohawk yacht; the Westfield ferry explosion; the Northfield ferry accident in 1901; the New Street building collapse in 1937; the mid-air plane collision of 1960; the Bloomfield LNG tank explosion, and the former Willowbrook State School.

Presentations will include a PowerPoint, lecture, video clips, question and answer periods, sources for future research by participants, handouts, and guest speakers.

Individual sessions $10 each; museum members $9 each

*Please note that participation in The History of Staten Island Part 1 is not a requirement for this series.