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Lecture Series, Week 7 * Staten Island Calamities

Week 7 of The History of Staten Island – Part 2, a seven-session lecture series with Patricia M. Salmon at the Noble Maritime Collection.* 

Staten Island Calamities - Owing to its existence as an island, several devastating maritime accidents have occurred involving Staten Island. As such we will look at the Vanderbilt Landing bridge collapse of 1852; the sinking of the Mohawk yacht in 1876; the Westfield ferry explosion in 1871, and the Northfield ferry accident of 1901. Inland catastrophes that will be examined include the New Street building collapse of 1937; the mid-air plane collision of 1960; and the LNG tank explosion of 1973. How and why these tragedies occurred, who was responsible, and their ultimate effects on the Staten Island community will be analyzed.

Presentations will include a PowerPoint, lecture, video clips, question and answer periods, sources for future research by participants, handouts, and guest speakers.

Individual sessions $10 each; museum members $9 each

*Please note that participation in The History of Staten Island Part 1 is not a requirement for this series.

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