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Lecture Series, Week 2 * More Murder and Mayhem on Staten Island

Week 2 of The History of Staten Island – Part 2, a seven-session lecture series with Patricia M. Salmon at the Noble Maritime Collection.* 

More Murder and Mayhem on Staten Island focuses on several homicides that occurred between 1958 and the 1990s. Three men who lived on Staten Island left a legacy of brutality. They include serial killers Richard Biegenwald, Richard W. Rodgers, Jr., and murderer Richard Bilello, who had a long and lengthy rap-sheet before moving to the island. We will conclude by examining the still unsolved double murder of Dr. Melvin Nimer and his wife Lou Jean in 1958. Their oldest son was once the main suspect, but no charges were ever pressed and the case remains a mystery.

Presentations will include a PowerPoint, lecture, video clips, question and answer periods, sources for future research by participants, handouts, and guest speakers.

Individual sessions $10 each; museum members $9 each

*Please note that participation in The History of Staten Island Part 1 is not a requirement for this series.

Later Event: April 16
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