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The Noble Maritime Collection is the proud new steward of Robbins Reef Light Station. Robbins Reef Light Station is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and is of historical significance to Staten Island and New York Harbor because of its location, history, and architecture. A well preserved example of an offshore "spark plug" style lighthouse, Robbins Reef's primary historical significance lies in the story of Katherine Walker, who took over lighthouse duties when her husband died in 1890. His last words to her were, "Mind the light, Kate." In 1894 the Lighthouse Board officially appointed her keeper, and she maintained the light station from 1894 until 1919. Ms. Walker is one of a handful of women lighthouse keepers. During her tenure at Robbins Reef, in addition to her duties as lighthouse keeper, she rescued 50 people and a dog from the waters around the light, and rowed her two children to and from school on Staten Island.