Wilhelm Heine (1827-1885)
New York Bay
Von Staten Island aus Geshen (As seen from Staten Island)
Engraved by John Poppel
Steel engraving, possibly from a German copy of Meyer’s Universum, circa 1852
Gift of Ciro Galeno, Jr.
Framing donated by Island Art Center

Wilhelm Heine (1827-1885) was born in Dresden, where he studied at the Royal Academy of Art. He continued his studies in Paris before returning to Dresden to work as a scene designer for the court theater, but his participation in the May Uprising in Dresden forced him to escape to New York in 1849. As his reputation as an artist grew, he was invited to travel to Central America and to join Matthew Perry in Japan. His works appear in several books, including Meyer’s Universum from 1852, in which his etching of Staten Island appears.