Theodore Jasper (1814-1897)
Eider Duck, Laughing Gull, Razor-billed Auk-Tinker,Velvet Duck White Winged Coot, and Harlequin Duck
Chromolithograph, from Studer’s Popular Ornithology:
The Birds of North America, Plate LXV.
Published by Jacob H. Studer & Company, 1881
Print donated by Norma Sue Wolfe
Antique frame donated by Barnett Shepherd and Nick Dowen
Framing by the Noble Maritime Collection

Born in Prussia in 1814, Theodore Jasper (1841-1897) was a portrait painter active in Columbus, Ohio. From the 1840s to the 1860s he worked in New York and Connecticut. His paintings formed the basis for Studer's Popular Ornithology, a late 19th-century work that had several editions with chromolithographic copies of Jasper's art.