Frank Dadd (1851-1929)
A Lesson in Boat-building
The Illustrated London Times, April 14, 1877
Gift of Lewis and Bonnie Chapman
Framing by the Noble Maritime Collection

Born in Great Britian, Frank Dadd (1851-1929) was a member of the Royal Institute of Painters of Watercolours and the Royal Institute of Oil Painters. His mother’s father was a shipbuilder on the Thames River, and Frank spent his childhood learning about naval architecture in his grandfather's shipyard. He studied at the Royal Academy Schools, and after graduation, his distant cousin, the engraver John Greenaway, father of Kate Greenaway, introduced him to the Cassell publishing house and the Illustrated London New, associations which led to his commercial success. After he retired to Devon, he painted landscapes of his favorite places in Devon, in Suffolk, and Ireland.